Hello!  My name is Mark Haley.  Aviator Studio is a build log site for my Radio Controlled Sailplanes.


Over the years I have benefitted greatly from those who have posted information about various aspects of the hobby, and I humbly offer this website to add to that body of knowledge.


Even though I am not some master builder, but just a guy with a camera and a website, it has been very gratifying to receive emails from all corners of the world from those who have found the information presented here to be a help.


Thank you for visiting.



Yup.  THAT is actually a 3D simulated Bubble Dancer!

Today, Dr. Michael Selig has released the 2022"d" update to his RC Sim, FS One. This update features the inclusion of the "BD#2" Bubble Dancer I modelled in Blender a few years ago! 

Dr. Selig talks a bit about the update on his Substack and Facebook pages.

FS One is now free - why not download it and give it a FLY!

Bubble Dancer #2 sitting pretty on the lawn.

As detailed on this website, this sailplane features 100% custom construction - custom fuselage, custom tailboom, custom v-mount, hand-cut ribs, etc. 

It's been quite a journey!
While not RC related, you just can't keep a builder from building!

Starting in late 2018, I challenged my (then) high-school aged son to a pinball-building competition. These are both our own original designs and they are both completely custom built.

His is Golden Spike - a transcontinental railroad theme,  and mine is Dragon Ships! - a Viking theme. These past years have been a blast!

Everyone should have massive, years-spanning, build projects with their kids!   :-)
  • 2023
  • Jan. 13, 2023:     BD #2 makes its debut in the FS One RC Simulator!
  •                           Finally fixed a bug in the menu system that had all the page links positioning messed up - sorry everyone...
  • 2017 - 2022
  •                           Loads and loads of projects! - Just not RC related. Here is a sampling:
  •                               * Built an original-design, oak and maple: sofa table, end table, and coffee table group.
  •                               * Built custom-designed laundry room cabinetry, including laundry chutes and sink.
  •                                  And...
  •                               * My son and I have each been building completely original-designed pinball machines as a father-son competition!
  • 2016
  • Dec. 17, 2016:     We moved to a new house in October and I now need to re-establish my workshop...  Hope to get back to things soon.