I have created a few documents that you might find useful.

The Bubble Dancer Balsa Weight Chart created specifically for selecting balsa for the Bubble Dancer.

Usually most balsa charts are listed in 2 pound increments - this one is expanded to show 1 pound increments.  It also features color coding to the grains and weights specifically needed for the Bubble Dancer.

Print this out and take it shopping!
Bubble Dancer Whole Wing Jig.

This is the plan for my original whole-wing jig.
Mark's Bubble Dancer Fuselage Pod

Several people have asked for my custom fuselage pod drawings.  I've included the pod outline and shaping templates inside a zip folder for anyone interested in making your own molds from them.

Keep in mind.  The driving force behind this pod was aesthetics - so don't expect some ground-breaking aerodynamic design.   :-)
All of the plans for the Bubble Dancer can be downloaded from the Charles River Radio Controllers Bubble Dancer Page.

Don't forget to also download the BD_Parts.txt file.

It gives you an itemized "shopping list" for everything you will need to get to start the build.

Keep in mind the list was current in 2002 - so pricing will be out of date.