This page is now obsolete and has been superseded by this one:  Bubble Dancer - Aircraft Summary.
The Bubble Dancer is a 3 meter RES (Rudder, Elevator, Spoiler) radio control sailplane designed by Dr. Mark Drela of MIT.

It features a very strong (full winch-launch capable) built-up wing that has a carbon fiber and balsa spar. 

Since RES aircraft have no ailerons and must initiate turns with the rudder, the design was optimized to ensure minimum weight at the tips.  This weight saving translates into minimal yaw inertia and gives the Bubble Dancer a very responsive turning radius.

Image Source:  CRRC Website

Dr. Drela is a member of the Charles River Radio Controllers (CRRC) club in the Boston, MA area.

Many of Dr. Drela's designs are hosted on the CRRC website, and you can find the Bubble Dancer's page here.  This page includes all the plans and other information that you will need to build your own Bubble Dancer.

There is also a Yahoo Group that actively discusses the Bubble Dancer and other Drela designs, here.

Image Source:  CRRC Website

If you hunt around on the internet you are sure to come up with images and information on Bubble Dancers of all varieties.

This is a picture of a Bubble Dancer with a composite wing...  pretty, isn't it?

The Bubble Dancer has a 120 inch wing, but it can also be made with an extended wing of 126 inches.

Image Source:  Tony E. - RC Groups posting

The Bubble Dancer was such a game changing design that it spawned numerous knock-offs.

One of the more popular ones is the AVA offered by Kennedy Composites.  The original AVA has been discontinued in favor of the newer AVA Pro.

These will cost you quite a bit - and hey, you don't get the chance to build a Bubble Dancer!

Image Source:  Kennedy Composites Ava Page

The Topaz is another Bubble Dancer inspired glider.

You will notice that it has a slightly different planform with only a center panel and two tip panels.  (Three panels in all.)

The Topaz can be purchased at Skip Miller Models or

Image Source:  Skip Miller Models